While this Administration seems to understand the economic value of federal employees doing work rather than turning government work into profit opportunities for private venture capitalists, that can change.  After all, while the private sector is out slamming federal employees as worthless drains on the nation’s economy and the government as a detriment to a healthy business sector, the same private sector folks would love to do the government work themselves if they can make a profit.

Anyone interested in this continuing struggle over who does the work MUST read a recent Federal Times article by Sarah Chacko entitled, “Contract Labor: Pay, benefits often double that of feds.”.  It is loaded with facts and we will leave you with this short excerpt from her post, “It found that contractors earn 3.17 times more than feds in the case of attorneys, 2.75 times more for budget analysts, 2.4 times more for accountants, and 2.38 times more for building managers. In all, the study analyzed 35 job classifications, covering more than 550 service activities.”

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