While there are things that AFGE could do better, it is hard to imagine it or any other federal employee union doing a better job at building membership year after year. In fact, we can’t find another federal employee union that has increased its total number of members every year since 2001 like AFGE has. None! Zero! Zilch! Obviously, there is something special about AFGE’s national leadership—and the culture they have created–that motivates its local officers and stewards to recruit new members. This achievement is especially noteworthy because, given the 15 month freeze on new hires, these additional members must be coming from employees who previously refused to join. So, our hats off once again to former National President John Gage who got this record-setting streak going and to National President David Cox who has kept it going despite the decrease in the number of federal employees. That is great leadership. We have copied the Department of Labor reports showing the total number of AFGE members each year since 2001.

2018 332,274
2017 325,877
2016 319,230
2015 306,338
2014 301,201
2013 299,642
2012 289,023
2011 280,292
2010 265,154
2009 248,845
2008 235,678
2007 229,248
2006 226,975
2005 226,599
2004 204,282
2003 200,600
2002 198,453
2001 197,096

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  1. ningauble3020 says:

    That special sauce is the membership rebates. It is hard to say no to free money.

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