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PROBATIONER REINSTATED BY EEOC At the time of events giving rise to this complaint, Marquis was a probationary employee working as a Shipfitter Apprentice in the Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNYS or Shipyard) in Portsmouth, Virginia.

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PROBATIONARY WHISTLEBLOWING MANAGER REINSTATED When a DOD safety officer had the nerve to actually report safety hazards and climb the chain of command ladder to disclose his command was not reporting injuries to OSHA as required by regulation, he got … Continue reading

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PROBATIONERS: WINNING REINSTATEMENT ON A TECHNICALITY Unless a probationary employee can claim her rights under some employment law were violated, it is 99% certain that if the agency proposes to terminate her she is a goner. In fact, long gone … Continue reading

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LEAVES OF ABSENCE FOR PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEES The folks over at FMLA Insights put out an interesting post this week about the error an employer made denying a disabled probationary employee a LOA. It is our guess the employer never thought … Continue reading

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ATTENTION PROBATIONERS! A while ago we outlined 16 different ways a probationary employee can challenge his/her termination even though the urban legend is that probationers have no rights and there is nothing a union can do for them.  Check out … Continue reading

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RESIGNATION REGRET & PROBATIONERS What do you do for the probationary employee who calls you from home not only to tell that he resigned last week, but that he wants the union to get his job back? Extend your sympathies? … Continue reading

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FLRA FUBAR: ARBITRATING PROBATIONARY TERMINATIONS In December 2011 the Authority had a chance in NTEU, 66 FLRA 416 to fix an error it made decades ago that denied unions and agencies the right to consolidate the numerous appeal options of … Continue reading

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AN OPEN LETTER TO PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEES Below is a letter you should copy and send to all probationary employees to undermine those who tell them that they have no rights.

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16 WAYS PROBATIONERS CAN APPEAL TERMINATIONS The single biggest lie told newly hired federal employees may be the words “Probationary employees have no rights.”  The second biggest might be that there is nothing the union can do for them during … Continue reading

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PROBATIONARY EMPLOYEE INTERVIEW CHECKLIST If a probationary employee comes to the union for help because he/she is about to be or has been terminated, the union should go over the following issues with the employee to see if there are … Continue reading

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