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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

UNION REP TEST#13- Loss of Status Assume that a supervisor gets upset with an employee, who has long had special status in the work group and takes all that away from her.  Up until this run-in with the supervisor, this … Continue reading

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WHAT IF YOU JUST ALERT MANAGEMENT TO AN EEO PROBLEM BUT NEVER FILE A COMPLAINANT? A well-meaning Corrections Supervisor approached the Warden and “… voiced some concerns with…promoting other staff to the acting position and compensating one at the higher … Continue reading

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FLRA’S CHURCH LADY EXPOSES HERSELF The FLRA Chair, Colleen Kiko-Duffy, has made it a point to publicize not just her faith in God, but also her active involvement in her church. So, imagine our surprise when we saw her criticism of the … Continue reading

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WHAT ARE COMPENSATORY DAMAGES FOR DISCRIMINATION? A lot of FEDSMILL articles mention that employees who win discrimination grievances or complaints often get “compensatory damages.” So, we thought we would take just a minute to explain what that term means because … Continue reading

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HOW TO AVOID THE “EXCESSIVE INTERFERENCE LITE” TRAP IN ARBITRATION Now that Trump’s two operatives on the FLRA have made clear their intention to weaken unions and collective bargaining, unions would be wise to counter the pending onslaught of precedent-trashing … Continue reading

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WHEN IS CO-WORKER HARASSMENT ILLEGAL AND THE AGENCY’S FAULT? Although the lawyers break it down into a much longer list of criteria, EEOC recently put it in a nutshell as follows: “In the case of co-worker harassment, an agency is … Continue reading

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DON’T LET EMPLOYEES PICK THEIR “WORK FROM HOME (WFH)” DAYS The “Harvard Business Review” just posted a very thoughtful research piece on adjusting telework schedules now that the epidemic is winding down. It is short, very understandable and something union … Continue reading

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TWO PROBATIONERS WIN REINSTATEMENT & GOBS OF BACK PAY We love to pass on stories of probationers winning reinstatement and back pay because too many feds believe that there is nothing unions can do for probationary employees.  Here are the … Continue reading

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FLRA POSTS 9 TRAINING FILMS ON THE ULP INVESTIGATION PROCESS The Authority has done a great job of explaining every step of the ULP investigation process for anyone who might be involve in one on behalf of a union member … Continue reading

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EVEN DISCLOSURE BY MISTAKE OF MED INFO IS ILLEGAL AND COMPENSABLE Instead of sending an email notifying his supervisor that an employee had been taken to the hospital, a CBP manager sent all 118 co-workers at an Arizona station naming … Continue reading

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