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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

WHY FEDSMILL WILL EXISTS AFTER 1,000 POSTS TO DATE Although management usually has more power than employees, a union rep with expert knowledge of what law, regulation and contract already entitled employees to and who knows multiple ways to solve … Continue reading

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DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE DUAL NATURE OF LABOR AGREEMENTS? FLRA just issued a decision in which it upheld an agency’s right to unilaterally terminate the terms of an existing labor agreement because the labor agreement said either party had the … Continue reading

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SES EXEC EXPOSES HR B.S. & GETS $250,000.+ Kudos to the Dept. of Agriculture executive who took on the bogus promotion selection system at Agriculture and won big. She filed an (EEO) complaint alleging that she was discriminated against based … Continue reading

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ISN’T THIS A MORE POWERFUL LEAD? Not long ago a major federal sector union issued a press release about the impact of Trump’s looming anti-federal employee personnel regulations.  This was its lead sentence. “The Office of Personnel Management today took … Continue reading

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TWO ROOKIE MISTAKES A recent FLRA decision opens with these three sentences, “In this case, Arbitrator Anthony R. Orman, found that the Agency violated Article 21, Section 4 of the parties’ collective-bargaining agreement by failing to distribute overtime in a “fair … Continue reading

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UNION NEGOTIATOR’S QUIZ Imagine you are in this situation.  You are in term negotiations and the agency refused to bargain over three provisions that have been in the agreement for more than a decade.  It claims they are suddenly non-negotiable.  … Continue reading

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3 YEARS, 5 MONTHS & 19 DAYS IS NOT PROMPT Because the collective bargaining agreement characterized the grievance process as designed to provide for the “prompt” settlement of grievances, an arbitrator decided to void the union’s grievance on behalf of … Continue reading

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WHY WE WENT DARK- Sorry about being down for about 4 weeks.  It seems some dissatisfied reader screwed with our site. After lots of tech help and a few bills to pay we hope we are back for another long … Continue reading

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MSPB POLICY DIRECTOR ENDORSES PASS-FAIL EVALUATION SYSTEMS If you listen to the anti-labor and anti-employee zealots clogging the OPM and FLRA policy making levels, you would think that union proposals to establish Pass-Fail appraisal ratings systems are Satanic-derived plots to … Continue reading

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ARBITRATORS, WAVE GOOD-BYE TO LAFFEY One of the great things an arbitrator can do for a union is award it Laffey Matrix attorney fees for winning a case.  That can mean up to $894.00 for each hour the union attorney … Continue reading

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