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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

“IT’S ALIVE!”  NOT FRANKENSTEIN’S MONSTER, BUT FSIP After months of deconstructing the existing hideous monster that plundered the L-M communities far and wide, President Biden has finished scouring the countryside for new parts, stitched them together, and sent his own … Continue reading

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IS YOUR NATIONAL UNION REP A TYPE A OR TYPE J REP? Among the things you notice over a 40-year career working with unions is that not all national union reps are the same. In fact, they can differ greatly … Continue reading

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FLRA ADDRESSES HOW SPECIFIC A GRIEVANCE MUST BE TO SURVIVE Not long ago FEDSMILL posted a piece entitled, “Grievance Strategy Issues- Part 4” which examined how specific a grievance must be to avoid several traps that can destroy an otherwise … Continue reading

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HOW TO STOP PERFORMANCE STANDARD CHANGES While death and taxes may be the more commonly recognized guarantees of life, not far behind are changes in performance standards.  Employees everywhere can count on managers trying to change their expectations, even if … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #17 (Drafting Midterm Change Proposals) One of the very best things a union can do for employees is to stop implementation of an agency proposed change in working conditions until the union has fully explored the proposed … Continue reading

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IS “AGE HARASSMENT” ILLEGAL? Sexual harassment is a well-known and well-litigated matter.  Mainstream media write about it often and most employers have policies prohibiting it.  But how many have heard of “age harassment” or an age-hostile work environment?  Here is … Continue reading

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WHAT TO DO WHEN THE WORKLOAD SURGES Imagine that the folks in your department work under a critical element that requires them to close a claim no later than 10 days after it is placed in their inventory and that … Continue reading

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EXCLUDING UNION REPS FROM CHOICE ASSIGNMENTS Almost every job has those few assignments that carry hidden benefits, e.g., they almost always earn those assigned a cash award, generate extra promotion points, or even almost automatically boost one’s appraisal.  What right … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #16 (Right to be Reassigned) If you have read our posts from the beginning, you know that there are a few situations where the employee has a right to be reassigned and one of them is where … Continue reading

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UNION REP TEST #15 (Information Access) Which of the following does a union not have to reveal to management to meet the “particularized need” standard for getting information. A.  Why it needs the information,   B.   The Uses to which it will … Continue reading

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