We can’t say enough about employees (and unions) who stay in a fight with their agencies for years and years to force the agencies to pay every dime owed.  No deals, no settlements, no compromises.  The latest bundle of decisions out of the EEOC contains just such a case where the FBI forced a disabled employee to quit her Security Specialist job by denying a reasonable accommodation.  The employee’s doggedness through the EEOC charge and complaint stages  paid off big time with an EEOC order that she be paid $481,878 in back pay, another $53,000 in interest, and $30,000 on top of that for compensatory damages.  While it is satisfying to win even a partial victory, it is an entirely higher level of joy to get everything you had coming to you. So, here is a very sincere, “Congrats” to Kesha who just took Attorney General Jeff Sessions to the cleaners in Kesha Y v. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General, DOJ (FBI) EEOC No. 0120121339 (2017)

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