While lots of things happen at NTEU conventions, one of the best is the identification of the top performing locals in several categories.  This year’s winner of the Best Web Site award went to the local of Securities and Exchange Commission employees.  You can hardly blame NTEU, but others unions show excellence too. 

That local’s web site, Chapter 293, is packed with information, e.g., up-to-date NTEU news, the latest arbitration win, the most significant negotiations, recent grievance settlements, etc.   It is all prominently displayed without over-packing the home page.  The front page menu bar takes you to an orderly presentation of the contract, recent chapter newsletters, and all the officials and stewards of the chapter.   Very pleasant graphics and pictures, too.  For the committed information groupies in the chapter it offers a Resource page that highlights just about every information source relevant to federal employees.

But a quick look around other unions identifies other top cites.  AFGE has reasons to be very proud of Council 222 of HUD employees.  Try to top their presentation on the status of all mid-term negotiations. Maybe NFFE’s Forest Service Council comes close. But for sheer clarity of presentation about the latest developments, check outAFGE/ICE.

If you are looking for easy-to-find, POPA is a wonderful model.  Its home page lays it all out by categories.   CREA/IFPTE is another site that shows the rest of us how to present material clearly, without clutter.

Bravo to all the unions that are using web sites and other social media to build that sense of strength in a community.


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