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TEST YOURSELF: EEO RETALIATION Which of the following are considered to be examples of illegal management retaliation against an employee who has engaged in protected activity under the civil rights laws: work-related threats, warnings, or reprimands; negative or lowered evaluations; … Continue reading

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EEO RETALIATION QUIZ In which of the following situations will EEOC argue that the employee has been the victim of illegal retaliation under the Civil Rights laws? (1) An EEO Specialist was reprimanded for telling her manager that she thought … Continue reading

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WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS BEHAVIOR? A newly hired employee of the Border Patrol asked for a reasonable accommodation because he had a learning disability. An agency psychiatrist diagnosed him as having a learning disability involving his reading, slow rate … Continue reading

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WHEN IS AN EMPLOYEE “PLAINLY SUPERIOR” TO THE SELECTEE IN A PROMOTION ACTION? This may come as a shock to lots of folks on the management side of the table, but a promotion applicant is not the best person for the job … Continue reading

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EEOC IDENTIFIES COMMON ERRORS AGENCIES MAKE WHEN DISMISSING EEO COMPLAINTS The EEOC just published a report showing that about one-third of the time an agency dismissed a discrimination complaint on procedural grounds it is wrong. If your local represents members … Continue reading

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CANCER VICTIMS’ RIGHTS IN THE WORKPLACE EEOC has just updated its Q&A about the rights cancer victims have in the workplace.   Among the more relevant questions are 1-  What other types of reasonable accommodations may employees with cancer need? 2- … Continue reading

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WHY 17,000 EEOC CHARGES MATTER TO UNION LEADERS One of organized labor’s biggest mistakes was to turn over to the government and private attorneys enforcement of the over 30 labor laws unions worked so hard to push through Congress.  As … Continue reading

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GETTING $$$,$$$ FOR EMOTIONAL STRESS The secret is getting out quickly.  Over the last three years, employees have frequently received checks for $100,000 and more for the emotional stress managers have illegally caused them. Here is how.

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HOW TO MINIMIZE CONTRACTING OUT While management has a right to contract out work, the union has a right to negotiate procedures making that decision a fair one and softening the impact on employees. Here is how.

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FDIC CLOBBERED FOR LACKING CREDIBILITY FDIC management has been ordered to rehire a former employee retroactively to late 2000.  KAAAA-POW for management and KAH-CHING for the employee.  EEOC found that management repeatedly lacked credibility when it tried to explain why … Continue reading

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