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NEGOTIATOR ALERT: Kiko & Abbott are working hard to undermine, gut or obliterate nearly every right employees and unions have.  But, often all they are doing is placing extra obstacles in the road that practitioners can get around if they … Continue reading

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IF YOU ARE COUNTING, … today’s post is number 900 for Fedsmill. Can number 1,000 be that far away? Thanks to all the subscribers who keep us energized about this project.

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IS LYING THIS FLRA’S GREATEST POWER A new decision from those twin Trumpian towers of truth-lite thinking  highlights the greatest power political appointees have to abuse electoral rivals.  Kiko and Abbott wrote in DoD, 70 FLRA 654 (2018) that, “…we find that, on May 3, … Continue reading

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YO-YO KA IS NO YO YO MA While the world of music is blessed with the genius of Yo Yo Ma,  the Federal LMR community is stuck with the screeching of Yo-Yo KA.  Kiko and Abbott (aka The KA), our … Continue reading

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HURRAY FOR MANAGEMENT? As expected, our management guys on the FLRA (Kiko and Abbott) have started to come through for us managers.  For years the Authority has insisted that once an agency enters into and approves a labor agreement it … Continue reading

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A MODEST PROPOSAL FOR COLLECTIVE BARGAINING REFORM Collective bargaining law, particularly 5 U.S.C. 7114(a)(1), should be changed to deny those unions that have chronically low membership the right to delay the implementation of agency proposed mid-term changes in the conditions … Continue reading

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PIZZELLA ON BONDAGE Back in 1997 the Authority declared that it favored automatically including employees in existing bargaining units if they shared a community of interest. It saw no need to force agencies and unions to undergo the multi-year costs, … Continue reading

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PIZZELLA POISED TO CREATE CHAOS Brace yourself if you have anything to do with federal sector labor relations. Pat Pizzella, the Acting Chair of the FLRA and presumptive heir to the chair, is about to rattle your world like a … Continue reading

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ANOTHER FLRA FUBAR? What’s a “FUBAR?” It is shorthand for pronouncing something “Fouled Up Beyond All Repair,” although there are more verbally assertive versions. We use it to label those MSPB and FLRA cases that screw up the lives of … Continue reading

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WHAT IS AN A/SLMR? If the acronym does not register a bell, maybe the widespread pronunciation will. Those of us who got into the LR business before 1979 commonly pronounced it A-SLAMMER. Still don’t know? Well, long, long ago and … Continue reading

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