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THE ONE-EYE AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER APPLICANT GETS 8 YEARS BACK PAY Back in 2008, Emiko applied for an Air Traffic Controller position and was selected contingent upon a medical exam and background check. When she completed her medical forms, she … Continue reading

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LIST OF EEOC AWARDS FOR EMOTIONAL DISTRESS DAMAGES OVER $100,000 Too often employees decide not to file a discrimination claim because they believe it will mean a lot of work and heartache for very little payoff.  We have tried to regularly … Continue reading

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WHAT IS FRONT PAY? Let’s say that you are representing a terminated employee and realize three things about his/her situation.  First, the job the employee held before being fired no longer exists.  Second, even if you get the employee reinstated, it … Continue reading

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NTEU REELS IN $2.61 MILLION FOR FDIC DISCRIMINATION VICTIMS Long-time FEDSMILL readers might remember our posting entitled, “FDIC Flips, Flops, Flaps, & Flails” in which we described how mightily FDIC management was struggling to get off the hook of a … Continue reading

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SSA’s $8,987 ONE-PERSON SPACE HEATER How did the Social Security Administration turn the cost of a hundred-dollar personal space heater for one employee into something nearly 90 times as expensive?

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DAMAGE TO EMPLOYEE’S PROFESSIONAL REPUTATION COSTS AGENCY $4,000 EEOC just issued another decision awarding an employee $4,000 in damages for the “embarrassment, frustration, social isolation, and injury to his professional reputation” he suffered when his manager confronted him about his … Continue reading

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AGENCY CAN BE ORDERED TO PAY EMPLOYEE INCOME TAXES STEWARD ALERT!     When the employer is ordered to give an employee a back pay lump sum amount, it can also be required to compensate the employee for any extra income taxes … Continue reading

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