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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

NEGOTIATIONS TRAINING BY MASTER NEGOTIATORS Ask the average LR Specialist or union rep to list the various stages of the mid-term bargaining process and you are likely to hear a list of five or six, e.g., change is proposed, the … Continue reading

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EEOC ENFORCES 9 YEARS OF BACK PAY We can’t say enough about employees (and unions) who stay in a fight with their agencies for years and years to force the agencies to pay every dime owed.  No deals, no settlements, no … Continue reading

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DENIALS OF LATERAL REASSIGNMENTS CAN BE EEO ADVERSE ACTIONS On August 25, 2016 we posted a story about a D. C Circuit court decision holding that an employee may not file an EEO complaint over a lateral reassignment because the … Continue reading

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OOPS! OUR MISTAKE, BUT YOU STILL OWE UNCLE SAM THOUSANDS More than a few federal employees have been in this situation.  They got an increase in their pay check for what they thought was a long overdue raise, an award, a grievance … Continue reading

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“HELLO, MCFLY, ANYONE HOME? THINK, MCFLY, THINK!” Biff said it best on behalf of all those whose words are too often ignored when he uttered this line in “Back to the Future.” It was only last April when we explained … Continue reading

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AGENCY OBLITERATES UNION BACK PAY AWARD- UNIONS BEWARE Even if you heavily favor unions over management you have to admit that “Congrats” are in order for the Federal Bureau of Prisons based on 64 FLRA 775.  One of the most aggressive … Continue reading

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EEO CHEAT SHEET We love blog posts that briefly list and describe arguments we can make on behalf of employees in one situation or another. They are great tools for structuring employee grievance interviews about the facts or for building … Continue reading

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EMPLOYEE WINS BACK PAY RETROACTIVE TO 1996 Don’t let anyone ever tell you that a good labor relations fight is not worth the time and effort.  We just saw a case where someone applied for a job in 1996, was … Continue reading

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BECAUSE MANAGEMENT’S DECISION SHOCKED HER IT NOW OWES HER $$$$  We have posted more than a few stories on this blog about how employees can get compensatory damages when they are victims of discrimination.  That money is not only on top of any … Continue reading

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WHAT AGENCIES THINK WHEN UNIONS TERMINATE THEIR OWN LEADERS AFGE recently terminated its second highest elected official, which makes this a good time to think through how agencies might react and unions can counter those reactions.

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