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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

WHEN IS UNILATERAL IMPLEMENTATION LEGAL? If you are a union rep and think the only time an agency can unilaterally implement a mid-term change is when there is an emergency, you are woefully unprepared to lead a bargaining team and … Continue reading

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OMG! WHAT IS THE FLRA GC DOING? Suppose that just as the FLRA is turned over to the control of two Presidential appointees with long records of anti-employee decisions and the FSIP populated with notorious anti-union (and apparently anti-government, too) … Continue reading

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SICK LEAVE ABUSE DURING THE PROBATIONARY PERIOD What can an employee do who is fired for alleged sick leave abuse during her probationary period? One employee recently showed that she can get reinstated with full back pay, compensatory damages, and … Continue reading

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RELIGIOUS ACCOMMODATION, OVERTIME, AND SATURDAYS OFF FOR PROBATIONER EEOC just decided a case in an employee’s favor because the agency made a technical mistake in how it considered overtime costs in deciding whether the employee’s request for Saturdays off would … Continue reading

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EEOC ORDERS DOJ TO GIVE EMPLOYEE MAXIFLEX SCHEDULE All one need do to prove an illegal denial of a reasonable accommodation is show that: (1) she is an individual with a disability; (2) she is a qualified individual with a … Continue reading

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FEMA EMPLOYEES MAY HAVE TO PAY BACK SOME OVERTIME PAY Given our recent posting about federal employees having to repay compensation they received in violation of some statute or regulation—even if the error is only identified some six years later, … Continue reading

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AGENCY CAN BE ORDERED TO PAY EMPLOYEE INCOME TAXES When the employer is ordered to give an employee a back pay lump sum amount, it can also be required to compensate the employee for any extra income taxes if the … Continue reading

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TEST YOUR LABOR RELATIONS BACK PAY ACT KNOWLEDGE Many grievances are about getting back pay for employees, which makes it very important that practitioners know what can and cannot be done with back pay. Unfortunately, there are a lot of … Continue reading

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WHEN PAST PRACTICE TRUMPS CONTRACT LANGUAGE What do you do if management suddenly announces that despite following a certain past practice for years, which obviously conflicted with the contract language, it is now pronouncing the past practice dead and insisting … Continue reading

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PAYROLL DEBT FOLLOWS FED TO THE GRAVE & BEYOND The U.S. Court of Appeals recently issued a decision that should  serve as a warning to any federal employee who thinks s/he might be getting too much money in a paycheck. … Continue reading

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