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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

AN APPROACHING ATTORNEY FEE APOCALYPSE? Not long ago, deep inside the bowels of a management think tank on a well-guarded federal reservation, some LR managers noticed that in three virtually identical D.C. area, employee suspension cases won by the employees … Continue reading

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HOW KIKO AND ABBOTT CAN TORMENT THE GAY COMMUNITY We certainly are not advocating they do this; in fact, that would be terrible.  However, Kiko and Abbott have repeatedly proven their loyalty to the President who appointed them by gutting … Continue reading

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CHURCH LADY SMITES DOD Score another one for all the Sunday church-going Christians in their battle to spend their Sabbath worshiping.  This time DOD learned the hard way that it must offer a “reasonable accommodation” to allow employees to practice … Continue reading

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GRADE/STEP PAY SYSTEM INSUFFICIENT TO DEFEAT PAY DISCRIMINATION Most feds think that they cannot win an equal pay claim because the grade and step structure of the GS salary system is almost automatic.  But a Circuit Court recently decided that … Continue reading

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FIVE UNION RIGHTS YOU MAY NOT REMEMBER We all know that union activists cannot be fired, denied a benefit, or even poorly evaluated if the decision is based on or even related to our choice to be union activist.  But … Continue reading

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REMEMBER, LAFFEY IS NOT ENOUGH A good attorney working for a union cannot only make arbitrations virtually cost free, but also build up a sizeable litigation fund for the union when bigger threats appear—if they know how to properly petition … Continue reading

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25 JAW- DROPPING FACTS ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY The good folks at Motley Fool just published a wonderful piece about Social Security that every FERS covered employee should read.  So we are passing it along.  Click on Motley Fool now.

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LGBTQ PROTECTIONS ON THE WAY OUT? It seems to us that there is a lot of money to be made betting that the new Supreme Court will obliterate the employment protections only recently won by the LGBTQ folks we all … Continue reading

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THINGS MARK CARTER DOESN’T GET Mark Carter earns his living working for a law firm that brags about its ability to fight unions, not provide a balanced, low conflict, workplace. So, it should surprise no one that his gut reaction … Continue reading

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A RARELY USED EEOC REMEDY The factual background section of this EEOC decision led with the following statement: “on April 14, 2015, the physician for the Primary Care Women’s Health Clinic (GYN) threatened Complainant when he gave her a hug, … Continue reading

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