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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

WHEN PAST PRACTICE TRUMPS CONTRACT LANGUAGE What do you do if management suddenly announces that despite following a certain past practice for years, which obviously conflicted with the contract language, it is now pronouncing the past practice dead and insisting … Continue reading

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PAYROLL DEBT FOLLOWS FED TO THE GRAVE & BEYOND The U.S. Court of Appeals recently issued a decision that should  serve as a warning to any federal employee who thinks s/he might be getting too much money in a paycheck. … Continue reading

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HOW TO USE FEDSMILL FOR MAX VALUE What do you do with the FEDSMILL posts you get?  If you read them, that’s good because we started this blog in order to boost everyone’s awareness of what rights employees have and … Continue reading

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“FMLA-PLUS” LEAVE” WHAT IS IT? Over the last decade or so the idea has slowly taken hold that an employee can be entitled to even more time off the job beyond what FMLA might give him/her.  The basic theory is … Continue reading

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UNION MEMBERSHIP CONTINUES TO GROW DESPITE YOU KNOW WHAT Given that we found it reassuring to read a recent Washington Post report about unions adding more and more new members despite the Washington political climate they have had to live … Continue reading

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JUST 10 DAYS OF HARASSMENT MERITS $75,000 IN DAMAGES & MORE An employee of the Federal Bureau of Prisons filed a formal EEO complaint in which he alleged that from April 15 through April 24, 2013, several senior management officials subjected … Continue reading

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A FMLA SMACKDOWN Our blogging colleagues over at FMLA Insights just posted a wonderful story about an employer who refused to let an employee’s son call in for him or her to explain a sudden absence. When the employee did not call, … Continue reading

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EEOC ORDERS 19 YEARS OF BACK PAY An employee filed an EEO charge in 1998 claiming she was being harassed because of her race, national origin, color, disability, age, and prior EEO activity.  Just last month after years of deliberate … Continue reading

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NEGOTIATIONS TRAINING BY MASTER NEGOTIATORS Ask the average LR Specialist or union rep to list the various stages of the mid-term bargaining process and you are likely to hear a list of five or six, e.g., change is proposed, the … Continue reading

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EEOC ENFORCES 9 YEARS OF BACK PAY We can’t say enough about employees (and unions) who stay in a fight with their agencies for years and years to force the agencies to pay every dime owed.  No deals, no settlements, no … Continue reading

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