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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

WHAT AGENCIES THINK WHEN UNIONS TERMINATE THEIR OWN LEADERS AFGE recently terminated its second highest elected official, which makes this a good time to think through how agencies might react and unions can counter those reactions.

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HARVARD SAYS, “RESEARCH SHOWS UNIONIZED WORKERS ARE LESS HAPPY” Although we are not the kind of folks who believe something just because an Ivy League Institution says it is true, it is almost always worth it to at least listen … Continue reading

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WHEN IS AN ACTION ADVERSE ENOUGH FOR EEOC? One of the reasons an agency will raise to dismiss an employee’s EEO complaint is that the action s/he complained of was not adverse enough to be actionable.  While EEO law does … Continue reading

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AGENCY OPTIONS WHEN UNION LAWYERS LIE This is a hypothetical; any connection to facts you may know of is purely coincidental. We have a great deal of respect for most union leaders and generally wish them the best.  But every … Continue reading

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CONGRATS TO NFFE, NWSEO & POPA Not long ago we spotlighted AFGE not only for its monstrous increase in net membership last year, but for over 15 consecutive years of net growth. If you believe that membership growth is the … Continue reading

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A MODEST PROPOSAL FOR COLLECTIVE BARGAINING REFORM Collective bargaining law, particularly 5 U.S.C. 7114(a)(1), should be changed to deny those unions that have chronically low membership the right to delay the implementation of agency proposed mid-term changes in the conditions … Continue reading

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ANOTHER PRESIDENTIAL BLUNDER HANDCUFFS AGENCY MANAGERS A basic law of physics is that for every action there is an equal  and opposite reaction. The President just reconfirmed his—let’s call it unfamiliarity–of that law by appointing the most anti-union group of … Continue reading

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AFGE’S GUTSY MOVE PAYS OFF FOR EVERYONE There are a few things that separate an average union representational effort from a super one, and one of them is whether its reps are creative, e.g., they do things, even risky things, … Continue reading

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HOW TREASURY SUBVERTS MERIT The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) recently smacked down the Dept. of Treasury FinCEN operations for screwing around with the merit system. The agency wanted to hire an attorney into a supervisory spot, but Treasury would … Continue reading

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PROVING FMLA RETALIATION Imagine that an employee asks for a week of annual leave in late August after using 3 weeks of FMLA in February to care for an ailing parent and the supervisor denies the leave.  The supervisor told … Continue reading

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