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FEDSMILL staff has over 40 years of federal sector labor relations experience on the union as well as management side of the table and even some time as a neutral.

IF YOU ARE COUNTING, … today’s post is number 900 for Fedsmill. Can number 1,000 be that far away? Thanks to all the subscribers who keep us energized about this project.

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SECRETARY ZINKE IS INCOMPETENT, AND THE UNION WAS NOT MUCH BETTER The EEOC just issued a default judgment against the Secretary because he was unable to produce a Report of Investigation (ROI) on an EEO employee’s complaint in less than … Continue reading

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PANEL CONTINUES TO IMPOSE ILLEGAL, UNENFORCEABLE (AND CLUELESS) DECISIONS Not long ago, we wrote about the Panel exceeding its legal authority by imposing a contract clause even more onerous on the union than what the agency had proposed.  But that … Continue reading

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DHS MANAGERS’ SWORN STATEMENTS “SUSPICIOUSLY THIN AND VAPOROUS AND NOT SUPPORTED BY THE RECORD” SAYS EEOC The facts of yet another Homeland Security merit promotion EEOC case brought a big smile to our faces. No other agency manipulates the law, … Continue reading

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HOW AGENCY COUNSELS UNETHICALLY INFLUENCE EEO INVESTIGATIONS Attorneys are supposed to aggressively represent their clients, but they are also required to avoid acting unethically.  The EEOC just issued a decision reminding agency attorneys of that.  It found that attorneys representing … Continue reading

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TRUMP’S UNION-KILLING EXECUTIVE ORDERS OVERTURNED BY THE COURTS – REVISED It is a 119-page decision, but here are the highlights in the Judge’s own words. “…the President’s policy choices as reflected in the challenged executive orders do not align with the … Continue reading

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EEOC RULES CUSTOMS & BORDER PROTECTION “UNWORTHY OF BELIEF” AGAIN It is no secret that too many managers in CBP play it fast and loose with the merit selection rules. So, it warms our heart to see the EEOC confirming … Continue reading

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AGENCY ATTORNEY FEE ASSAULT SHIFTS INTO OVERDRIVE It is no secret that agencies are pushing harder than ever to reduce the costs of collective bargaining, and one of the most aggressive assaults is against a union rep’s right to get … Continue reading

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A PEEK AT TRUMP’S PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT MESS The President has issued Executive Orders that greatly discourage from treating similarly situated employees the same when taking action for poor performance. He wants the path clear for a manager to clobber one … Continue reading

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ON VACATION We are taking a break until mid-August in order to drag the staff around the Mediterranean on the annual Fedsmill retreat to identify new ideas. See ya.

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